Immediate Threat of Violence or Substantial Disruption - The Department of Public Safety (301.405.3333 or 911 will respond to a student who acts in a violent manner or threatens violence. Additionally, the Office of Student Conduct is authorized to impose an immediate suspension from classes (pending a hearing) if a student engages in threatening or disruptive behavior. Procedures may be initiated by the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Director of Student Conduct to require an evaluation conducted by campus mental health professionals or to dismiss students who pose a "direct threat" to self or others.

Medical or Psychiatric - If you think a student is at risk of harming him/herself or others (suicidal or homicidal) or is exhibiting extremely bizarre behavior, contact the University Health Center Mental Health Services at 301.314.8106. The Department of Public Safety (301.405.3333 or 911) should be contacted if there is a threat of violence or medical transportation is required.

Emotional or Psychological Distress - When a student shows signs of emotional or psychological distress, comprehensive evaluation and treatment are provided by the Counseling Center in Shoemaker Building or Mental Health Services in the Health Center. For consultation with a counselor, you may contact the Counseling Center at 301.314.7651 or Services available at the Counseling Center are free to students.

Disorderly or Disruptive Behavior – A student who exhibits behavior that is disorderly, disruptive, or poses a concern for violence should be reported to the Office of Student Conduct at 301.314.8204 or Disruptive or disorderly students may be in violation of the University’s Code of Student Conduct and/or be referred to specific counseling or mental health interventions, if appropriate. Additional advice is provided in a Classroom Disruption Advisory issued by the Office of Student Conduct and may be found at

Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment – In order to provide a coordinated response to student behavior assessment, the Vice President for Student Affairs created the Behavioral Evaluation & Threat Assessment (BETA) Team which provides evaluation, assessment, and consultation to faculty and staff. The Team is comprised of representatives from the departments of Public Safety, Mental Health, Counseling, and Student Conduct. If you would like to discuss a specific student behavioral concern, please contact John Zacker, BETA Team chair, at or 301.314.8428.